media signals

A Tailored, Affordable,
Monitoring and
Analysis Platform

A blend of AI and HI helping companies stay ahead
through timely, concise, actionable insights
Challenges faced by clients

Cutting Through the Noise

Sorting the accurate and relevant from
the inaccurate and irrelevant

We all understand the power of media monitoring and the crucial role it plays to stay on top of brand reputation, keeping track of industry trends and staying ahead of the competition. What’s less well known, across companies large and small, is how to effectively execute a media monitoring program in the face of the following challenges:

  • Information overload
  • Inaccurate results
  • Irrelevant results
  • Multilingual challenges
  • Time and resource constraints
Is AI the answer to this?  In part it is, but at Cognition we believe it’s still not the whole answer. AI has changed and will continue to change the way media monitoring programs are delivered. It delivers speed and efficiency in how it processes massive volumes of data across a multitude of platforms.
Fantastic, but it has its limitations in how it interprets sarcasm, humor, cultural nuances and subtleties of language and it’s constrained by the quality and breadth of data it’s trained on.
At Cognition, we believe in the power of AI but understand the need for HI – the experienced human intervention needed to verify and validate AI outputs and to provide the overlay of strategic insights.
What we do

A monitoring and Analysis Platform That is Configured to
Deliver on the Specific Objectives of Each Client

Affordably providing exhaustive coverage while cutting through the noise and only delivering concise relevant insights
Cognition’s  Media Signals is a tailored media monitoring and analysis solution that helps our clients monitor, analyze and share insightful media intelligence on a single, configured platform service combines advanced AI technology with human expertise to provide curated coverage from regional, national, and international online news sources and social media platforms.

Tailored Configuration

We don’t just take feeds from an existing taxonomy.
We configure the insightful media intelligence
to each client’s specific requirements.

Executive Roundups

Cognition’s team of journalists provides – monthly summaries of the key areas being tracked. The roundups cut through the ‘news noise’ and provide senior management and key stakeholders.

Sourcing with...

Our in-house developed AI Platform (Media Signals) monitors and captures all relevant content (in more than 50+ languages) and data from multiple online sources, such as corporate websites, blogs, industry sources, government websites, expert forums, and social media handles.

...Human Expertise delivering
Actionable intelligence

After gathering the AI generated raw content, a team of industry experts reviews, edits, summarizes, rewrites, and/or translates (if needed) relevant content based on our clients’ specific objectives.
Why Our Clients Work with Us

A Premium, Tailored Service

Delivered at an affordable price

Our Clients work with us for the following key reasons:

  • An intuitive platform that delivers just the right information and intelligence at the right time (relevant, accurate, exhaustive yet concise).
  • Our teams, with an in-depth understanding of the industries and worlds our clients operate in, create tailored solutions that deliver to each client’s specific objectives.
  • An offshore team available across global time zones to support business operations and provide a premium service delivered at an affordable price.

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