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What it Solves

Data Challenges
Made Simple

Data churn is an ongoing issue for all businesses. Our research shows that companies using clean data from from just 12 months ago are facing bounce rates of up to 60%, rendering the data they have useless for campaigns and direct sales. At Cognition, we understand the importance of organizing, enriching, and cleaning data for effective marketing and successful sales.
Our comprehensive array of Data Orchestration Solutions strives to consistently and affordably address the following challenges:

Data Silos and Fragmentation

Scattered data across different systems, applications, and departments, makes it difficult to consolidate and integrate. Siloed data inhibits efficient data sharing, collaboration and analysis, leading to missed opportunities and suboptimal decision-making.

Data Quality and Consistency

Issues such as incomplete, inaccurate, or inconsistent data across various sources undermine the reliability and integrity of analytics, reports and insights derived from the data.

Data Security and Compliance

Collecting and processing large volumes of sensitive data can lead to unauthorized access, breaches and compliance violations.

Scalability and Performance

Bottlenecks in scaling data orchestration systems and optimizing data pipelines to maintain high performance can hamper productivity and decision-making.

Data Integration and Interoperability

Issues with incompatible data formats, data schemas and APIs make it difficult to harmonize and integrate data effectively.
How it Works

Robust and Flexible Data Orchestration Solutions

Custom-Crafted Solutions for Optimal Business Performance
Tailored to meet our client’s unique business needs, Cognition’s data orchestration capabilities leverage a combination of web technologies, access to a vast data catalog and human intelligence. Aggregated, de-duplicated and unified databases provide a complete overview, while validating and enriching company and contact fields for precise targeting.

Data Remediation

Standardizing and normalizing data from multiple sources to make it usable for automation, analytics, and reporting across different systems.

People Movements

Tracking changes in our client’s ‘valued customers’ organizations to uncover new opportunities. Identifying job function changes and targeting key accounts or industries for nurturing sales pipelines.

Data Validation & Enrichment

Enhancing campaign performance by enriching company and contact fields for improved segmentation and lead scoring. This enables personalized communications, targeted messaging, and precise keyword filters.

Bounced Data Program

Maximizing revenue by identifying new decision-makers within accounts and leveraging opportunities in unexplored sectors. Proactively addressing data decay to ensure predictable campaign performance and prevent unusable marketing data.
Why Our Clients Work with Us

Unmatched Expertise in Data Management

Tailored Solutions for Unparalleled Value
A few reasons why our clients choose to work with us:

Unmatched Expertise

Leverage the skills of highly knowledgeable data analysts with advanced data transformation tools to deliver superior solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Gain optimal value through specially customized offerings that meet unique business requirements.

Extensive Data Catalog

Extract valuable insights from an extensive database comprising over 300 diverse sources that support informed decision-making and campaign optimization.

Risk Mitigation

Safeguard against potential disruptions owing to non-dependency on a single information source.

Seamless Integration

Allow for effective and direct integration with existing CRM systems through APIs, eliminating compatibility issues.

Proactive Data Hygiene

Overcome issues such as inaccurate, duplicated or inconsistent data, leading to improved campaign performance and enhanced market coverage.

Compliance and Reputation Protection

Implement comprehensive risk mitigation plans that proactively prevent domain blacklisting incidents and server compromises, safeguarding and maintaining a strong ISP reputation.

How We Partner with Our Clients

Collaborative Solutions for Seamless Integration

Direct Integration and Ongoing Support Drive Continuous Improvement
We foster collaborative partnerships, offering seamless integration to directly integrate our clients’ CRM through our APIs. Our customized data orchestration solutions are tailored to meet unique business requirements, delivering effective outcomes regardless of the company’s size.

With ongoing support and consultation, we work collaboratively to drive continuous improvement and deliver tangible business results.

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