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High Impact
Content Curation

On-trend, timely, engaging and
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Challenges Faced by Clients

Standing Out in the
Digital Noise

Delivering Impactful Content in a Crowded Online Landscape
Whether you’re a B2B publisher requiring a steady, comprehensive flow of relevant news stories or a content marketeer focused on generating leads and interest in your offerings, the challenge to produce insightful, high quality engaging content in a consistent way over time is the same.
What We Do

Tailored Content Curation

A blend of AI and Human Intelligence delivering high
quality, timely and affordable content

At Cognition, we support publishers and marketeers with their specific content requirements by sourcing, aggregating, reconstituting, and delivering highly impactful content of all types – news, whitepapers, blogs etc.

We streamline the process of content creation, offering the client’s readers an in-depth, authoritative, and easily accessible resource that keeps them engaged and informed.

Why Our Clients Work with Us

A tailored, iterative approach, delivering consistently high quality, relevant, timely and affordable content

We always set out to become a genuine extension of our clients’ business and through our iterative approach, we aim to provide, with little or no intervention from the client, high quality, engaging content, delivered to their specific house style.
  • High Quality Delivered Every Single Time: All of the content we create adheres to our stringent quality standards of accuracy and relevancy. This ensures a steady flow of high-quality content without requiring additional quality checks from the client.
  • Comprehensive and Affordable Content Curation: Our advanced AI technology platform, Signals, scours the internet for the best articles from reputable sources, ensuring the highest relevance and accuracy. Our expert team meticulously curates these articles, transforming them into comprehensive, insightful pieces that serve as a one-stop information source for the intended audience.
  • In-House Style: We understand the importance of consistency in maintaining a brand’s identity. That’s why we follow in-house style guides, ensuring that every piece of content we create aligns seamlessly with the client’s brand voice and message.

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