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Discovering the Potential
of Key Accounts

Collaborating to effectively mine and monitor
accounts for growth opportunities
What it Solves

Cutting Through the Noise

Mastering Account Based Monitoring
Many account-based marketing programs lack a clear ‘roadmap’ to effectively leverage opportunities within their key accounts. Sales teams are often overwhelmed with the ever-increasing abundance of key account data and intelligence that is fed to them by their marketing departments.
Cognition’s Key Account Support solution aims to cut through the noise and deliver actionable, relevant insights that help ensure the right messaging is delivered to the right stakeholders at the right time.
What it Solves

Overcoming Data Challenges Made Simple

Data churn is an ongoing issue for all businesses. Our research shows that companies using clean data from as recent as 18 months ago are facing bounce rates of up to 60%, rendering the data they have useless for campaigns and direct sales. At Cognition, we understand the importance of organizing, enriching, and cleaning data for effective marketing and successful sales.
Our Comprehensive array of Data Orchestration Solutions strives to consistently and affordably resolve challenges with:

Data Silos and Fragmentation

Scattered data across different systems, applications, and departments, makes it difficult to consolidate and integrate. Siloed data inhibits efficient data sharing, collaboration and analysis, leading to missed opportunities and suboptimal decision-making.

Data Quality and Consistency

Issues such as incomplete, inaccurate, or inconsistent data across various sources undermine the reliability and integrity of analytics, reports and insights derived from the data.

Data Security and Compliance

Collecting and processing large volumes of sensitive data can lead to unauthorized access, breaches and compliance violations.

Scalability and Performance

Bottlenecks in scaling data orchestration systems and optimizing data pipelines to maintain high performance can hamper productivity and decision-making.

Data Integration and Interoperability

Issues with incompatible data formats, data schemas and APIs make it difficult to harmonize and integrate data effectively.
How it Works

A Clear Roadmap to ABM Success

A Blend of Intelligence and On-Going Monitoring
MODULE 1: Quarterly Intelligence Report (QIR) – a point-in-time, in-depth intelligence report updated on a quarterly basis – harnessing industry, account and executive data to drive revenue growth.

MODULE 2 : Fortnightly Action-Plan (FAP) – Providing directions to sales and marketing teams with clear action-plans for each key account, to tap into new opportunities and/or effectively engage with key client stakeholders, through a dedicated Key Account Analyst.

All of this is powered by Cognition’s Media SIGNALS – a searchable AI+HI platform that is configured to each client’s specific requirements (taxonomy, keywords, etc.), updated daily. Our clients also get direct access to the platform enabling them to conduct their own research and analysis.

MODULE 3 : SIGNALS: On-going, real-time tracking of the accounts key metrics:
  • Innovations
  • R&D
  • Sustainability
  • New entrants
  • Funding & Investments
  • Market reports
  • Market growth
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • M&A activity
  • Market influencers
Why Our Clients Work with Us

Strategic Partnership for Growth

Customized Solutions, Enterprise-Wide Insights,
Actionable Strategies
Cognition offers a strategic approach to Key Account Intelligence. We go beyond tracking C-suites to consider the entire decision-making structure within key accounts.
Our intelligence solutions within each key account are aligned with the clients’ offerings and services. This enables enterprise-wide, actionable, business-critical insights to all key stakeholder teams, eliminating the targeting of time-wasters and increasing deal win rates.
Clients prefer to work with us because we:
  • Take a strategic approach to Key Account Intelligence 
  • Provide rich data and intelligence for laser-focused ABM programs 
  • Treat each key account as an individual market for alignment with clients’ products and offerings 
  • Enable enterprise-wide, actionable, business-critical insights to all key stakeholder teams 
  • Collaborate with clients to design customized solutions for data-driven success 

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