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Supporting the Credit
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Over Two Decades

Driving growth by delivering scale and cost efficiencies
Challenges faced by clients

Staying Ahead in a Crowded Competitor Landscape

A continuous state of flux has replaced a sense of certainty in today’s business world and the Business Credit Reporting Industry has grown exponentially off the back of this.

The competitor landscape has never been more crowded as a result and the challenge to differentiate their offerings more acute.  Differentiation around such areas as delivery times, report features, enhancement options and of course cost.

Over the past two decades, we have had specialist teams originating and updating business credit reports for agencies large and small and in so doing, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

What We Do

Comprehensive credit reporting solution

Our solution is designed to streamline the credit reporting workflow and ensure that our clients receive high-quality and reliable credit risk reports at an industry beating cost-efficiencies.
Here is how our Credit Reporting Solution works:

Data Gathering

We utilize a combination of primary and secondary research methodologies to gather comprehensive company information. Our team of experienced business research analysts and financial consultants meticulously collect and verify data from various sources, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information.

Risk Assessment

We analyze financial performance, litigation history, tax liens, bankruptcies, ownership structure, transaction performance, credit rating, and worthiness, among other relevant factors. This comprehensive risk assessment provides our clients with a holistic view of a company’s creditworthiness.

Customized Reports

We prepare credit risk reports that align with our clients’ predefined frameworks and guidelines. These reports typically include detailed insights into operational, legal, and registration details, financial performance, ownership structure, and other crucial aspects necessary for informed decision-making.

Standardization and Analysis

Financial statements often vary due to diverse accounting standards and languages. Our team, consisting of qualified MBA and CFA professionals, standardizes and analyzes financial information across various accounting standards, enabling effective comparison and evaluation.


Leveraging technology, we have developed efficient automated mechanisms to collect and process data from diverse sources. By embracing automation, we enhance the speed, accuracy, functionality and scalability of our Credit Reporting Solution.

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